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NMPSA Seminars

Public employees and municipal officials benefit from a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities that come with the job. NMPSA strives to help municipalities stay abreast of ever-changing issues by providing high-quality training right here in the Upper Peninsula. Our seminars address both day-to-day responsibilities as well as local and state topics.

Who can benefit from NMPSA training sessions?

Elected officials

Appointed officials

Staff members of any municipality

School boards

Non-profit organizations

Community business members



Water, Wastewater and Landfill authorities

Seminar Locations

Seminars are generally held at:
Citizens' Forum

Lakeview Arena

401 E. Fair Ave.
Marquette, MI


Computer seminars are held in the computer lab at:

Peter White Public Library

217 N Front St.,

Marquette, MI